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42 Quotes on Food

Quotes on Food

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Quotes on Food from Meal

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal – nothing! When people ask me what the best restaurant in L.A. is, I say, ‘Uh, my house.’ It’s more intimate. Food can connect people in a forever sort of way.

– Meal

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Quotes on Food from Philippine-American War

“I suppose that this dengue fever and the sickness which depopulated Batangas is the direct result of the war, and comes from the condition of starvation and bad food which the war has caused.” –Senator George Hoar[7]

– Philippine-American War

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Quotes on Food from Penn Jillette

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Quotes on Food from Dumb and Dumber

[after hearing of Petey’s death] That’s it. I’ve had it with this dump! We’ve got no food, we got no jobs,… our pets’ HEADS ARE FALLIN’ OFF!!!

– Dumb and Dumber

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Quotes on Food from Sarvajna

Offering food [to the hungry], telling the truth and putting others above oneself is a happy way to heaven.

– Sarvajna

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Quotes on Food from Sherlock Holmes

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Quotes on Food from Modesty

Longevity and short life, suffering and happiness — all aspects of human life depend on modesty in food and drink.

– Modesty

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Quotes on Food from John Ashcroft

We must remain constantly vigilant. We dare not underestimate our enemy. Al Qaeda is committed to the destruction of America, and they are in it for the long haul. They are much smarter than many give them credit for being, and they are definitely much more patient than the pace of our fast-food society conditions us to be. Their commitment does not depend on bin Laden or any other single leader.

– John Ashcroft

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Quotes on Food from Sophie Monk

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Quotes on Food from A Bug’s Life

[to Hopper] Ants are not meant to serve grasshoppers! I’ve seen these ants do great things… and year after year, they somehow manage to pick enough food for themselves and you. So-so who’s the weaker species? Ants don’t serve grasshoppers! It’s you who need us! We’re a lot stronger than you say we are… and you know it… don’t you?

– A Bug's Life

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Quotes on Food from Father Goose (film)

Well so far, you’re “shared” me out of my home, my bed, my food and my shirt. Now, how about sharing some of my things with me?

– Father Goose (film)

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Quotes on Food from Lech Wałęsa

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Quotes on Food from Jules Verne

Hunger, prolonged, is temporary madness! The brain is at work without its required food, and the most fantastic notions fill the mind. Hitherto I had never known what hunger really meant. I was likely to understand it now.

– Jules Verne

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Quotes on Food from Simón Bolívar

Liberty, says Rousseau, is a succulent food, but difficult to digest. Our feeble fellow citizens will have to strengthen their mind much before they will be ready to assimilate such wholesome nourishment.

– Simón Bolívar

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Quotes on Food from Mass production

When our food and clothing and housing all are born in the complication of mass production, mass method is bound to get into our thinking and to eliminate all other thinking. In our time mass or collective production has entered our economics, our politics, and even our religion, so that some nations have substituted the idea collective for the idea God.

– Mass production

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Who has not sometimes derived an inexpressible satisfaction from his food in which appetite had no share? I have been thrilled to think that I owed a mental perception to the commonly gross sense of taste, that I have been inspired through the palate, that some berries which I had eaten on a hillside had fed my genius.

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Quotes on Food from Ray Charles