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45 Homemade Food Quotes

Homemade Food Quotes

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Homemade Food Quotes from Daniel Handler

Mike could see the fellow cooked and ate and sat on a sofa and put his feet up on the table it magazines. Mike didn’t care which ones the fellow subscribed to, because Mike had subscribed to the fellow.

– Daniel Handler

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Homemade Food Quotes from Robert Heller

Management is a far more homely business than its would be scientists suggest, more closely allied to cookery than any other human activity. Like cooking, it rests on a degree of organisation and on adequate resources. But just as no two chefs run their kitchens the same way, so no two managements are the same.

– Robert Heller

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Homemade Food Quotes from Kathakali


Homemade Food Quotes from Balto

[Acting flirtatious] Gee, Steele, I have to admit, your offer is very tempting… [She backs him towards the boiler] But these days I prefer my meat… cooked. [Steele realizes he is burning.]

– Balto

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Homemade Food Quotes from Doctor Steel

What if aliens landed here a long time ago when we were still hominids, and they cooked “humans” up in a lab? (Just bear with me…) They took an alien wiggly, and a monkey lady eggy wegg, and POW! Insta-WorkerTM!

– Doctor Steel

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Homemade Food Quotes from Meal

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Homemade Food Quotes from Darby Conley

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Homemade Food Quotes from Mike Malloy

I don’t think Limbaugh has ever had children. If he did, he probably cooked them and ate them for dinner one night… Thinking it was a big chunk of lamb, or something. [2] (Responding to listener talking about the reluctancy among right-wingers to send their kids into war, while discussing Limbaugh)

– Mike Malloy

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Homemade Food Quotes from Charles-François Daubigny

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Homemade Food Quotes from Dragon Knights

Kharl: Actually, I was just going to ask you to make me a sandwich. You know how I hate to cook.

– Dragon Knights

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Homemade Food Quotes from P. J. O’Rourke

The only really good vegetable is Tabasco sauce. Put Tabasco sauce in everything. Tabasco sauce is to bachelor cooking what forgiveness is to sin.

– P. J. O'Rourke

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Homemade Food Quotes from Robert Denning

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Homemade Food Quotes from Death Battle (Season 2)

Boomstick: I’m no chef, but that looks a bit overcooked.

– Death Battle (Season 2)


Homemade Food Quotes from Tamil proverbs

Translation: Will not be who has waited till the food is cooked, also wait till it cools?

– Tamil proverbs

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Homemade Food Quotes from Life as a House

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