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29 Food Buddy Quotes

Food Buddy Quotes

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Food Buddy Quotes from Inflation

Once the true relationship between inflation and unemployment is understood, with luck and skill, a free lunch is possible.

– Inflation


Food Buddy Quotes from Jack Welch

In GE every day, there’s an informal, unspoken personnel review—in the lunchroom, the hallways, and in every business meeting. That intense people focus—testing everyone in a myriad of environments—defines managing at GE. In the end, that’s what GE is. We build great people, who then build great products and services.

– Jack Welch

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Food Buddy Quotes from Home for the Holidays

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Food Buddy Quotes from Judaism

They tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat.

– Judaism


Food Buddy Quotes from Andrew Tobias

No wonder lawyers, who control the legal system, have fought so hard, and with great success, against “no fault” insurance. No fault, no lawsuits. No lawsuits, no lunch.

– Andrew Tobias

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Food Buddy Quotes from Nick Hornby

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Food Buddy Quotes from Judith Martin

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Food Buddy Quotes from Fred Allen

A molehill man is a pseudo-busy executive who comes to work at 9 am and finds a molehill on his desk. He has until 5 pm to make this molehill into a mountain. An accomplished molehill man will often have his mountain finished even before lunch.

– Fred Allen

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Food Buddy Quotes from Lake Placid 3

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Food Buddy Quotes from Jaws (film)

[about Mayor Vaughn] I’m not going to waste my time arguing with a man who’s lining up to be a hot lunch.

– Jaws (film)

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Food Buddy Quotes from Babe (film)

[Babe] also inspired me to become vegan. After having worked all morning with these extraordinary animals, I’d see their relatives on the lunch table. They had ham and duck, every animal except horse. That’s when I said, “I’ve got to try to be a vegan.” And for the most part, I have been vegan since 1994.

– Babe (film)

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Food Buddy Quotes from She’s the Man

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Food Buddy Quotes from The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Morning, Patrick! Are you here for your pre-lunch Krabby Patty?

– The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

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Food Buddy Quotes from Discworld

“Look, I’ll be frank,” he said. “I could point you in the direction of a great brothel.”
“I’ve already had lunch,” said Mort, vaguely.

– Discworld

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Food Buddy Quotes from El Goonish Shive


Food Buddy Quotes from Isaiah

Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die.

– Isaiah

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Food Buddy Quotes from The Apprentice (UK)

Lord Sugar: (when Connexus return to the boardroom) Well, to come in with £1.87, it’s abysmal! Late in the kitchen, late at the location, lunch time; you turn up at 1:30, you may as well forget it!

– The Apprentice (UK)

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Food Buddy Quotes from The Sandman

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Food Buddy Quotes from Rebecca (film)

[to the 2nd Mrs. de Winter] But you. I can’t forget what it has done to you. I was looking at you, thinking of nothing else all through lunch. It’s gone forever, that funny, young, lost look that I loved. It won’t come back again. i killed that too, when I told you about Rebecca. …It’s gone, in twenty four hours. You are so much older…

– Rebecca (film)

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She lunched on papaya poo poo or mango mu mu or some other fruity foo foo bursting with overripe tropical vowels.

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Food Buddy Quotes from Paul Bowles