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Top 46 Famous Food Quotes

Famous Food Quotes

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Famous Food Quotes from Howard Lyman

Humanity is rich in folly, but it’s hard to think of a folly more mind-bogglingly stupendous than that of transforming infinitely rich, diverse, dense jungle into desert in a few years’ time for the sake of a few more hamburgers.

– Howard Lyman

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Famous Food Quotes from Last words

Who: Alexander Litvinenko, whistleblowing former Russian spy, who was poisoned in a London sushi bar.

– Last words


Famous Food Quotes from Robert A. Heinlein

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Famous Food Quotes from Billy Graham (wrestler)

I lift barbell plates. I eat T-bone steaks. I’m sweeter than a German chocolate cake. How much more of me can you take?

– Billy Graham (wrestler)

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Famous Food Quotes from Snake oil

Richard Kunin visited San Francisco’s Chinatown to buy such snake oil and analyze it. According to his 1989 analysis published in the Western Journal of Medicine, Chinese water-snake oil contains 20 percent eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), one of the two types of omega-3 fatty acids most readily used by our bodies. Salmon, one of the most popular food sources of omega-3s, contains a maximum of 18 percent EPA, lower than that of snake oil.

– Snake oil


Famous Food Quotes from The Apprentice (UK)

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Famous Food Quotes from The Incredible Petrified World

The Captain: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for a two inch steak!

– The Incredible Petrified World

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Famous Food Quotes from Courtney Love

I’ve protected it [the Nirvana catalogue] from everything from Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials to movies about board games. We’ve been offered $6 million for 18 seconds of one Nirvana song and I turned it down.

– Courtney Love

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Famous Food Quotes from Peasant

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Famous Food Quotes from Lucas (film)

If you’re so depressed, how come you’re eating pizza?

– Lucas (film)

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Famous Food Quotes from Michael Chabon

The whiskey tasted like bear steaks and river mud and the flesh of an oak tree. I had another swallow because it tasted so good.

– Michael Chabon

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Famous Food Quotes from Circus


Famous Food Quotes from Last lines

You know, if I’m being honest, I expected a little more… pizzazz! Yes! Now, that’s pizzazz!

– Last lines

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Famous Food Quotes from Black Snake Moan (film)

I’m cookin’ steaks fah dinnah. I expect you to stay.

– Black Snake Moan (film)

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Famous Food Quotes from Snow Crash

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